Monday, January 30, 2012

The First One

Originally, my intent for this blog was to be solely about food and how yummy healthy food can be. However, being true to my nature, I didn't like the idea of being boxed in by only one subject. So I started thinking about the word delicious and how it can apply to other aspects of my life. The Latin origin of the word delicious means 'delight', or 'pleasure'. This excites me because now a whole new world of blogging subjects has been opened to me! My son is the delight of my life; music, nature, awesome pictures, and even my day dreams can be delightful. 

My son Devon, and I, enjoying some garden time with the chickens.

My journey for healthy cooking/eating started 10 days ago. Before that, I found delight in delicious food that did absolutely nothing for my body, brain, or long-term happiness. 10 days ago I decided it was time to grow up and get control over my weight and determination, but it all started with my New Year's Resolution. I vowed I would not have soda of any kind for the next year, and yes, I am still holding strong to that! I had to know if I had any self-control left, and after half a month I found that I did. Then January 20th came and I decided right then and there things would change. This then is really about my journey to becoming healthy in body, mind, soul, and heart.


  1. What joy it must be for you to now be walking this delightful path, Kelsey. I'm so proud of you; proud of your determination, of your worthy dream, and of your wisdom in parenting your son. I have learned much from you, and I anticipate learning much, much more as you go forth in this, your "delicious" journey.

  2. Way to go Kelsey! Luke and I are struggling with how to eat healthy (especially me, since I detest most healthy foods) and find time to exercise. I'm looking forward to your future posts.

  3. I'm excited that I get to read your writings! Perhaps you'll inspire me!!! Good luck... and yes, you are FULL of self-discipline!