Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's Play Catch-Up!

Here are some pictures of meals I've made within the last 10 days. I first made "Chock Full of Veggies Chili" and a Shepard's Pie. All these recipes are from the South Beach Diet. So obviously the Shepard's Pie did not have potatoes on top, it was actually cauliflower mixed to be like mashed potatoes.

This is a turkey burger with melted mozzarella, a slice of tomato and mushrooms. The meal also included green beans with turkey bacon, which is a great alternative for those who can't give up bacon but are trying to be healthier!

So far I've only done one breakfast recipe which was a spinach and jack cheese quiche, and yes, it does have onions. I am making healthy changes, and onions are healthy, so I must have them even though I mostly detest them!

Grilled salmon with tomatoes, spinach, and capers (and notice the onions).

Lunch was a fresh crab and shrimp salad which wasn't anything more than lettuce, sliced tomatoes, crab, shrimp, and two teaspoons of dressing. Such a tasty and filling lunch.

This is a dinner for those of you who don't want to feel like you are missing out on a "regular" meal. The main course is a ginger-dijon glazed pork tenderloin, brussel sprouts with grated cheese and nope, those aren't mashed potatoes! Those are South Beach Diet surprise mashed "potatoes".

Hope you enjoyed some of these ideas!

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